Getting recognized in national, regional, local and trade newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and newsletters is essential in building your company’s brand. Earned media increases your recognition, improves your search engine optimization (SEO), enhances your image and is a cost-effective way to tell your story.

Every company and organization should have an effective public relations plan. Failing to utilize public relations to tell your story is a limit on building your business. Crossing your fingers the media will notice you isn’t a strategy. Chances are, the only time you’ll earn media attention is in a crisis — and without a plan, what do you do then?

At Revved Up Media, we work with you to develop a comprehensive media plan meeting your short-term and long-term goals and needs. We’ll develop an editorial calendar to plan your communications strategy, identify storytelling opportunities and prepare you and your team for how to handle media interviews, customer relations and interactions with the community.

Media Relations. We’ll help you develop an in-depth media plan including targeting traditional and digital media. Though tools such as optimtized press releases, direct pitches, video news releases and event planning, we’ll help you tell your story to raise awareness and enhance your image.

Stakeholder Relations. Whether your audience is your prospective customers, clients, investors, analysts, employees or the community as a whole, we’ll help you develop the right message at the right time. How you communicate to these different audience is essential to gaining credibility, earning loyalty and building your brand.

Online Newsrooms. We’ll make your website an interactive newsroom ready to meet the needs of the media 24/7. From press releases and company information to graphics and video, we’ll make sure journalists, bloggers, investors and more have access to the information they need when they need it.

Publicity. Public relations isn’t just getting your name in the paper. We’ll help you identify opportunities to tell your story, such as speaking engagements, presentations, special events, editorials, brochures and more. We will also build a company profile that will make it simple and easy to submit your company and employees for inclusion in top-10 lists and award programs.

Media Training. When the opportunity comes calling, we’ll make sure your ready with our spokesperson training program. We’ll help you with speech and presentation preparation, media interviews and more.

Crisis Management. No one wants the call from the media when disaster strikes — but in every business there is always the possibility. The best strategy for dealing with a crisis is to be prepared. We’ll help you develop a crisis communication plan, then help you execute the steps calmly and effectively in the event your business is struck by tragedy.